The most common causes of skin irritation

There are various kinds of skin irritants, including some things around you. Skin irritation is where the skin itches, the color of the skin becomes red, the skin becomes scaly, the rash and ruptured rupture. If you experience this then immediately treated so that skin irritation does not spread.

As I said earlier, skin irritation is caused by various things, including objects that are around. Therefore, here I will review some things that can cause skin irritation, including:


Washing your hands excessively using soap and water can remove the skin’s natural oils, so this can cause the skin to dry out. Initially, the hand may appear dry, peel off, but if it is not treated and it continues, the skin will become broken and verdarah. Some other soaps that can cause skin irritation include: dishwashing soap, bubble bath, and body cleanser.

Household Cleaners

It is recommended to wear gloves when using household cleaners (such as dish cleaners, window cleaners, furniture polishes, toilet disinfectants). Some of the above household cleaners can cause skin irritation.


Clothes, especially coarse fabrics like wool, can be problematic for people who suffer from a skin disease called atopic dermatitis, the most common form of eczema. If you feel when wearing clothes but feel uncomfortable on the skin then immediately change your clothes, because most likely it can cause skin irritation.


Hot weather, especially during the dry season, can aggravate skin problems associated with perspiration. You may see redness in a certain area, for example in the armpit, the belly fold. That is a sign of skin irritation.


Perfume allergies are common and common, because there are around 5,000 fragrances that use many other combinations so that it is difficult to trace. Some people may develop a skin rash from the musk, while others will react to vanilla fragrance.


Poiso ivy, poison oak, poison sumac are the 3 most common causes of skin irritation. All three contain oil called urushiol, which triggers an alregi reaction, specifically an itchy rash. Mild reactions may last 5 to 12 days. But there is something worse because it can last for 30 days or more.


Food allergies can also cause skin irritation, from itching to scarring to the skin . There is even skin irritation just because it treats certain foods. Stay away from foods that can cause your skin to become irritated.

Those are some objects around that can cause skin irritation. Hopefully you will be more vigilant in its use, and hopefully the article will be useful for you all.

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