SMOOTHIE To Lose Weight

Smoothies are drinks made from fruit, vegetables, sugar syrup, liquid fresh milk and ice cubes. Besides milk, smoothies are sometimes added by yogurt or chocolate as variations.

SMOOTHIE To Lose Weight

Smoothies have many health benefits, one of which serves to lose weight. Smoothies are filling so they can reduce eating. Next, some recipes from healthy fruit that are easy to get:

  • Watermelon Smoothie Prepare some fresh watermelon slices, put in a blender, give ice cubes to taste, then blend until smooth, then drink. To get the benefits of losing weight, you don’t need to add anything else.
  • Banana Strawberry Smoothie 1 banana is cut into pieces, then clean 6 organic strawberries. Put it in a blender then add a cup of yogurt (1/2 cup) or low fat milk. Process until smooth, then drink immediately.
  • Orange Mango Smoothie Prepare ½ cup of mango slices, several orange orange chips, 1 cup non-fat milk. Blend until smooth, then drink immediately. You will get antioxidants, a number of vitamins to increase metabolic function to burn fat.
  • Strawberry Smoothie Blend 2/3 cup of washed organic strawberries with 1 cup of soy milk or low fat milk. Mnum at breakfast to make sure you get the energy needed.
  • Carrot Tomato Smoothie Blend 1 cup of carrot slices with 1 cup of tomato slices and add 1 cup of low fat milk or soy milk. Drink immediately
  • Smoothie Semagka Kiwi Peel 2 kiwi fruit, put it in a blender together with 1 cup of watermelon slices, add a little ice cubes. Blend until smooth and drink immediately.

Smoothies from fruits and vegetables have benefits that are useful for the health of the human body because they have important ingredients that can help immunity and facilitate the digestive system. In addition, fruit and vegetable smoothies are also useful as a weight loss or diet. Hopefully the single article will be useful for you.

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