Revealing Personality According to Blood Type

If in general we reveal the personality through the zodiac, then since 1930, Japanese people use blood type to reveal personality. This is also done to select employees, even companies that classify their employees based on blood type.

Then what kind of personality do you have according to the blood type that you have? Here’s the description:

A blood type

Most people with blood type A, from the outside appear calm while in their hearts they are anxious because of the standards of those who are too high or perfectionists. Blood type A is among the most sensitive compared to other blood groups. They are sensitive, trustworthy, caring and caring, and shy. Shyness sometimes makes them withdraw. They tend to avoid confrontation and feel uncomfortable near people.

They seek harmony and are very polite but at the same time, they also feel like they are compatible with others. People with this blood type are very responsible. If there are tasks that must be completed, they prefer to do it themselves, because they are also very creative. So it can be concluded that people with blood type A have the nature and personality of calm, patience, sensitivity, responsibility, too careful, stubborn, unable to relax.

Blood Type B

People with blood type B are the most practical compared to other blood groups. They are specialists in the work they do. If they start a project, they use extra time to understand and try to follow the guidance more carefully than other blood groups. If they do work, all attention is focused on the job. They tend to be diligent to achieve the goal and work it through to completion.

Those with blood type B tend to be less cooperative because they prefer to follow their own rules and ideas. Blood type B is more concerned with their thoughts than feelings. Because of that, sometimes they look cold and serious. Get the conclusion that blood type B has an individualistic personality, is not habitual, strong, optimistic, creative, flexible, unpredictable.

AB Blood Type

People who have AB blood type are difficult to categorize, because they have the properties of both spectrums at the same time. For example, they are shy but also like to meet and chat with new people. They can easily switch from one pole to the opposite pole. People with blood type AB can be trusted and responsible, but cannot handle if they are asked to do too much work. They like to help as far as they want or what they want. People with blood type AB are interested in art and metaphysics.

Blood type AB is often considered the worst blood group. For Japanese people who like things that can be expected, people with blood type AB are often considered problematic because they do or say things that could endanger the organization.

Blood type AB has a calm, rational, popular, sometimes formal and unfriendly personality, it is difficult to make clear decisions or choices.

Blood type O

People with blood type like to meet and talk with new people, full of energy and friendliness. They are among the most extensive compared to other blood groups. They easily start a project but it is difficult to solve it because they give up easily. They do a lot of activities but they are not taken seriously or are not completed and are not very reliable.

People with blood type O always say what they think. They respect the opinions of others and love to be the center of attention. People with this blood type include the most common blood group considered the best group in Japan. Faithful, loving, self-confident, independent, ambitious, very proud of ability, jealous.

Now that’s the nature and personality based on blood type, but you need to know that all that is just an opinion and cannot be used as a guideline. All back to you for how to do the best for you and the people around you. Hopefully the review will benefit you, take the positive side of the article.

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