Revealing Personality According to Blood Type

If in general we reveal the personality through the zodiac, then since 1930, Japanese people use blood type to reveal personality. This is also done to select employees, even companies that classify their employees based on blood type.

Then what kind of personality do you have according to the blood type that you have? Here’s the description:

A blood type

Most people with blood type A, from the outside appear calm while in their hearts they are anxious because of the standards of those who are too high or perfectionists. Blood type A is among the most sensitive compared to other blood groups. They are sensitive, trustworthy, caring and caring, and shy. Shyness sometimes makes them withdraw. They tend to avoid confrontation and feel uncomfortable near people.

They seek harmony and are very polite but at the same time, they also feel like they are compatible with others. People with this blood type are very responsible. If there are tasks that must be completed, they prefer to do it themselves, because they are also very creative. So it can be concluded that people with blood type A have the nature and personality of calm, patience, sensitivity, responsibility, too careful, stubborn, unable to relax.

Blood Type B

People with blood type B are the most practical compared to other blood groups. They are specialists in the work they do. If they start a project, they use extra time to understand and try to follow the guidance more carefully than other blood groups. If they do work, all attention is focused on the job. They tend to be diligent to achieve the goal and work it through to completion at

Those with blood type B tend to be less cooperative because they prefer to follow their own rules and ideas. Blood type B is more concerned with their thoughts than feelings. Because of that, sometimes they look cold and serious. Get the conclusion that blood type B has an individualistic personality, is not habitual, strong, optimistic, creative, flexible, unpredictable.

AB Blood Type

People who have AB blood type are difficult to categorize, because they have the properties of both spectrums at the same time. For example, they are shy but also like to meet and chat with new people. They can easily switch from one pole to the opposite pole. People with blood type AB can be trusted and responsible, but cannot handle if they are asked to do too much work. They like to help as far as they want or what they want. People with blood type AB are interested in art and metaphysics.

Blood type AB is often considered the worst blood group. For Japanese people who like things that can be expected, people with blood type AB are often considered problematic because they do or say things that could endanger the organization.

Blood type AB has a calm, rational, popular, sometimes formal and unfriendly personality, it is difficult to make clear decisions or choices.

Blood type O

People with blood type like to meet and talk with new people, full of energy and friendliness. They are among the most extensive compared to other blood groups. They easily start a project but it is difficult to solve it because they give up easily. They do a lot of activities but they are not taken seriously or are not completed and are not very reliable.

People with blood type O always say what they think. They respect the opinions of others and love to be the center of attention. People with this blood type include the most common blood group considered the best group in Japan. Faithful, loving, self-confident, independent, ambitious, very proud of ability, jealous.

Now that’s the nature and personality based on blood type, but you need to know that all that is just an opinion and cannot be used as a guideline. All back to you for how to do the best for you and the people around you. Hopefully the review will benefit you, take the positive side of the article.

How to increase memory

Strong memories will make someone easy to focus on many things, and vice versa, weak memory will make someone less focused on doing something (or the cool term today is failing to focus). To increase memory, you can do the following:

How to increase memory


Don’t feel guilty about gossiping with friends. In a Harvard study , experts found, people who reported most friends had memories that were 50% better than those who spent time alone. Sharing personal info and stories helps increase the number of brain neurons you have.

Tips: Too busy to chat with friends? Make only e-mail or phone calls. Some studies have found that all types of socialization are efficacious if you do it at least once a week.


Again, a Harvard study found, people who were 30 minutes active, only 3 times a week were 20 percent less likely to suffer from memory problems. This benefit increases if you do something you like, for example playing with children. The pleasure of increasing the production of brain chemicals which increases the consumption of cells.

Solution: To increase the effect of strengthening the brain, try activities that you have never done before. The study found, learning new movements such as dance steps and yoga, this can help stimulate brain growth and connection.

Expand to Eat Chicken

Chicken contains niacin, a type of vitamin that helps cells survive aging. No wonder people who eat the most niacin-rich foods have a lower risk of 80% reduction in dayan recall. Said a study in the Journal of Neurology , to be low in fat, then chicken should not be fried. It’s better to roast or grille

Tips: Get 15 mg per day. A 3.5-ounce piece of chicken contains 13 mg of niacin (that’s enough to help your memory).

Focusing on doing anything must begin with strong memory. Therefore, you must be smart in improving your memory so that everything you face can go as expected. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you.

Healthy Dating Style, You Must Apply

Dating, a short word but has a broad meaning, especially for those of you who are now in their teens. Based on mutual love between the two people, they are committed to a relationship (dating).

However, dating in ancient times was very different from dating today, maybe it was one of them caused by increasingly sophisticated technological advances. For parents, many feel sad when looking at today’s dating style.

Today’s courtship style has gone too far, because they have many who dare to remove the crown of purity only for lust in the name of love. However, not all teenagers are, of course, because not a few teenagers apply a healthy dating style.

Healthy dating is a dating style that respects each other’s prifacy and aims to support each other without any factor utilizing either party. Healthy dating also means a courtship style that does not exceed the general norms in society and also religious norms. This style of dating will have a positive impact on both parties.

Then what is a healthy dating style? below is the description:

Support each other in positive activities

The first healthy dating style is to support each other to do positive activities. Most people who go out are dating teenagers, so the road to the future is still long. Therefore they must prepare from now so that a bright future can be achieved. Do not inhibit let alone prohibit positive activities carried out by the boyfriend.

Do not Force

Do not like to force the will so that the boyfriend obeys whatever you want, because it is a characteristic of unhealthy dating. Let your girlfriend do what she should do and you don’t force her to obey your wishes.

Remind each other

The next healthy dating style is to remind each other to change towards a better one. Remind each other not to forget to study, remind to pray, etc.

Understand Love and Lust

As I wrote earlier that healthy dating is obeying the limits of general norms and religion, the next healthy style is to understand the differences in love and lust. Love is a feeling of loving (feeling or heart), while passion is desire or lust and more to the physical (sex). Understand that you may not have sex before time.

Become an Enchanter

For example, if your girlfriend is on a test or test, then you as a boyfriend should give encouragement so that the exam that your girlfriend is going through gets the results as expected.

Parents Knowing

The last healthy dating style is parents should be told, so that they can monitor your activities with a boyfriend. Moreover, when you are dating you go to a more serious level, parents should know that you know whether they bless your relationship or not.

That’s a healthy courtship style that you must run, so that your adolescence is more useful and useful. Good luck !!

How to respond to a feeling of being sick

Missing is a natural thing and it is common for a human being to be far apart from someone they love. This is a form of someone’s affection towards the person he desires. With a sense of miss, the relationship that exists will be maintained properly, and make the relationship even tighter.

How to respond to a feeling of being sick

But sometimes a deep sense of nostalgia will make you torment the bat, this is because you want to immediately meet the person you care about, but time and conditions do not allow. It’s not impossible that you will become stressed because you feel that, this should not happen. Then how to respond to the deep inner nostalgia? The following might help you:

  • You are busy with positive things, this is so that you feel a little miss can be distracted. Look for activities that are beneficial to you, for example doing activities that are your hobby (if you are a girl, you can divert your nostalgia by helping parents cook, and if you are a guy, you can play soccer, etc.).
  • Avoid listening to sad music, because you will increasingly dissolve into sadness. If you want to play music then play a song with a cheerful tone, so you can bring you a more cheerful mood.
  • Call him, even if it’s just greeting each other it can treat your nostalgia a little.
  • Pray for him that there is always a healthy state and nothing less.
  • For him to be sure that you really miss him, with this he will feel the need to take the time to meet you immediately.
  • Go with your friends, tell me what you experienced. Maybe your friend has a solution to find a solution to your problem.

These are some of the ways to respond to deep-seated nostalgia, hopefully my writing can help you to treat your nostalgia a little. Hopefully also with the nostalgic feeling that you have will make your relationship with the person you love more tightly.

The most common causes of skin irritation

There are various kinds of skin irritants, including some things around you. Skin irritation is where the skin itches, the color of the skin becomes red, the skin becomes scaly, the rash and ruptured rupture. If you experience this then immediately treated so that skin irritation does not spread.

As I said earlier, skin irritation is caused by various things, including objects that are around. Therefore, here I will review some things that can cause skin irritation, including:


Washing your hands excessively using soap and water can remove the skin’s natural oils, so this can cause the skin to dry out. Initially, the hand may appear dry, peel off, but if it is not treated and it continues, the skin will become broken and verdarah. Some other soaps that can cause skin irritation include: dishwashing soap, bubble bath, and body cleanser.

Household Cleaners

It is recommended to wear gloves when using household cleaners (such as dish cleaners, window cleaners, furniture polishes, toilet disinfectants). Some of the above household cleaners can cause skin irritation.


Clothes, especially coarse fabrics like wool, can be problematic for people who suffer from a skin disease called atopic dermatitis, the most common form of eczema. If you feel when wearing clothes but feel uncomfortable on the skin then immediately change your clothes, because most likely it can cause skin irritation.


Hot weather, especially during the dry season, can aggravate skin problems associated with perspiration. You may see redness in a certain area, for example in the armpit, the belly fold. That is a sign of skin irritation.


Perfume allergies are common and common, because there are around 5,000 fragrances that use many other combinations so that it is difficult to trace. Some people may develop a skin rash from the musk, while others will react to vanilla fragrance.


Poiso ivy, poison oak, poison sumac are the 3 most common causes of skin irritation. All three contain oil called urushiol, which triggers an alregi reaction, specifically an itchy rash. Mild reactions may last 5 to 12 days. But there is something worse because it can last for 30 days or more.


Food allergies can also cause skin irritation, from itching to scarring to the skin . There is even skin irritation just because it treats certain foods. Stay away from foods that can cause your skin to become irritated.

Those are some objects around that can cause skin irritation. Hopefully you will be more vigilant in its use, and hopefully the article will be useful for you all.

Child Diarrhea First Aid and Prevention

Diarrhea is a disease called Preventable Death (a death that can easily be prevented) because diarrhea is not a serious disease. Unfortunately, because of ignorance of parents, children can die because they are treated late.

Diarrhea or diarrhea can be interpreted as frequent bowel movements more than three times in 24 hours with liquid viscosity and lasting no more than a week. There is acute diarrhea, which is diarrhea that is experienced four to five times a year, there is also called chronic diarrhea, namely diarrhea where the child has diarrhea, heals, then a month relapse again. Conditions like this, usually there is a relationship with poverty and malnutrition continuously.

Children under the age of one year are prone to diarrhea and can cause dehydration, this is what can endanger the life of the child. Signs of children affected by diarrhea and dehydration include:

  • A big bouncy font
  • Dry mouth and tongue
  • Period like entering (celong)
  • The skin of the stomach when pinched like paper (does not return to normal, or the recovery is slow)
  • Limp body, consciousness goes down like sleeping continuously, head is difficult to enforce.
  • Hold the pulse in his hand, then pressed. If the pulse is still loud, it is still safe. If the pulse is weak, be careful.

For first aid in children diarrhea so as not to dehydrate is to give ORS to children. Each sachet of ORS is dissolved in 200 ml of warm water, and ORS can only be used for 24 hours, if it has passed 24 hours, then immediately replace it with new ORS. If you do not have time to buy ORS, then you can make ORS liquid itself, the way is: dissolve one spoonful of sugar and ½ tablespoon of salt in 200 ml of warm water.

Prevention is indeed better than cure, as is diarrhea. How to prevent diarrhea include:

  • Improve environmental sanitation.
  • Availability of clean water, if you want to be safer, you should consume mineral water.
  • Keep the eating utensils clean for children, especially toddlers.
  • Parents before working on children’s needs, must wash their hands thoroughly first.
  • The child’s water balance also needs attention.
  • Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables.

That is first aid in children affected by diarrhea, along with how to prevent it. May be useful for you all.

How to respond to cheating husband

In a household relationship, cheating is the most important reason for divorce. Cheating is not only done by the husband, but also the cheating wife has happened a lot. In this article, I will discuss how to address a cheating husband.

A cheating man or husband is caused by many factors, two of which are due to his wife’s lack of satisfaction and because of the nature and character of a husband who is fond of playing with women. If you as a wife receive news that your husband is cheating then you should do it:

  • Find evidence Do not immediately rush away from the house before you find out with the news evidence of the husband’s affair. Stay calm, so that you do not rush to take action. Look for concrete evidence for the news.
  • Take action The decision is in your hands, if indeed the husband is proven cheating. But before you decide, it needs to be weighed and thought about whether your decision is indeed the best. My advice, give an ultimatum to your husband not to do that again, if you still do it again then tell him that he is ready to lose you. If you already have children, then think of your child’s feelings.
  • Don’t Talk About This Problem To Others The shame of the husband is that it is your disgrace too, so close the meeting of the matter so that it does not become the material of gossip from others. Talking about it to other people (including parents) will actually add to or worsen the situation.
  • Show Evidence of Husband’s Mistakes Most husbands will avoid what you say, they still don’t budge. So from that show and show the evidence you have about the husband’s affair and you can read more But once again I say, keep calm so that the atmosphere is not getting murky.
  • Forgive Husband If Indeed He Wants To Apologize and Will Not Repeat It Again Husband cheating is indeed very painful, but if the husband has apologized and promised not to repeat it then there is no harm in forgiving you. Give the husband a chance to prove his words.
  • Self-introspection Husbands cheating may also be caused by you, for example, having less satisfying sex problems, being too fierce, not paying attention to your husband, etc. So you should introspect yourself and correct your mistakes so that this incident does not happen again.
  • Pray Ask God for protection so that your household is always given blessings, kept away from problems.

Tips for Treating Heart Disease due to Love Break

Making love is beautiful for every human being, but if the love that has been established for a long time and has to run aground in the middle of the road, it can lead to heartbreak.

Tips for Treating Heart Disease due to Love Break

The beautiful days that have been intertwined together will always ring in the mind, and that will make the heart more sick. But you have to remember that you should not be forever deteriorated by these conditions, you must get up and continue your mind and love. Broken heart is indeed suffocating, and it is difficult to be treated immediately because the medicine is not sold in any shop hehehe. The medicine is from within yourself, originating from within your heart. To immediately get up or move-on from the shadow of the ex, you can do the following:

  • Electric socket Breaking your contact with the ex, it’s the first step so you can treat a broken heart. Disconnect your communication with him, if necessary block all former contacts (either telephone numbers or social media). With this step, you will be faster in trying to forget it.
  • Busy You If you even contemplate yourself in the room, it will make your pain even deeper. Then look at the beauty of the outside world. Busy yourself with all kinds of activities (positive ones). For example, help with the work of parents, study with friends, etc. The point is you do not be alone if you want to immediately forget the problems you face.
  • Stories with Friends Sharing stories with friends will reduce the burden on your mind, so don’t hesitate to confide in your best friend. In this way, you will not feel alone, because you have other people who care about your condition. Besides that you can tell your parents, lean on your burden on him.
  • Recreation With a picnic you will feel fress and fresh, but do not recreation yourself. Invite friends or family to make the holiday even more exciting. Keep in mind, too, don’t go to places you often visit with your ex, because it will make it harder for you to forget memories with him.
  • Grateful Whatever happens, it is wonderful if you want to be grateful because there must be wisdom behind every problem. Thank God for the breakup of your love, you assume that he is not the best for you.
  • Pray Pray for Him, ask for instructions on what you should do in facing your problem. Do not dissolve in sadness, get up immediately because there is someone better there waiting for you out there.

The former is a past, so don’t remember it anymore. Better tomorrow. Hopefully the article about how to treat heartache from breaking up is beneficial for you.

Danger of Electric Cigarettes or Vapor

Electric cigarette or the initial vapor is to replace ordinary cigarettes produced from tobacco, but you need to know that it turns out the dangers or side effects of tobacco cigarettes with electric cigarettes are the same. The danger produced from liquid liquid smoke is in the form of nicotine (the same ingredient as tobacco cigarettes).

Initially vapor was made without any additional nicotine, but because of the large number of consumer requests to add nicotine to the e-cigarette, now vapor has a nicotine content.

Nicotine has an addictive effect for connoisseurs, from here it is clear that tobacco cigarettes with e-cigarettes both have a bad impact on you, especially health. Then what are the negative effects or side effects of electric cigarettes? The following include:

  • Cigarettes Can Be Burned Electric cigarettes use help in the form of batrei to heat the elements that make the liquid turn into smoke. If the current produced by the batrei aid is wrong, then the cigarette can burn and can result in an explosion. No matter how small the resulting explosion will still be dangerous for your safety.
  • Nicotine is not controlled In contrast to tobacco cigarettes, the nicotine or vapor does not have a standard rule in filling the nicotine, so that this is difficult to guess. Many liquid producers uncontrolled use nicotine (so that consumers get pleasure) excessively.
  • Lung Disorders Substances contained in liquids include propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine, and flavorings. Some of the above substances can damage lung tissue, and if used long-term can cause cancer.
  • Causes Heart Disease Too much smoke produced by vapor can disrupt the circulation of oxygen in the body, so if consumed too long, vapor can cause heart disease.

That is the danger or bad effects produced by e-cigarettes or vapor, so you must be wise in stepping. It turns out that e-cigarettes are as dangerous as tobacco cigarettes, even more dangerous. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you.

How to get rid of ink stains on clothes

Your clothes or clothes are exposed to ballpoint ink or markers? This sometimes makes you panic or confused, especially if the clothes that are stained are important clothing. Although the clothes have been washed many times, but the stain is still very difficult and difficult to remove. If that’s what you experience, you should not need to panic, and follow my advice below:

Ink stains are one of the stains that are hard to remove, because the stain will be absorbed quickly by the fabric, for that the clothes that are affected by ink should be handled immediately and do not delay so the stain does not become more difficult to clean. So how do you handle it? Try the following ways:

  • Use White Milk Use white milk to soak for a few minutes on the affected part of the shirt, then after checking and rinsing. If the stain is still there, repeat it. And for the use of white milk, it should be used for colored clothes, because if the clothes or clothes are plain or white, it will cause additional stains.
  • Using Alcohol Alcohol functions to loosen fabric fibers, so that ink stains will be easy to clean. The trick is to soak the smeared ink into the liquid alcohol, let it sit for a few minutes, then wash and rinse.
  • Use Toothpaste Apply toothpaste to the affected part of the ink, then check and after that wash with detergent until clean. But you need to remember, using this toothpaste for ink stains that are still new, if it’s been long it will be difficult to remove.
  • Hairspray Hairspray contains spray aerosols, this content will make your task easier in order to clean ink stains. Spray the hairspray on the stained clothes, then rub it and rinse it.

Those are some ways to remove ink stains from the clothes. Hopefully useful for all of you, and good luck !!! Once again I emphasize, some of the above methods can be used if the stain on the clothes is a stain that is still new, if it’s been long it will be increasingly difficult to remove.

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